Mozambique: Seven Injured Following Explosion At Matola Factory

Maputo — At least seven people were injured on Thursday following an explosion at a Chinese-owned factory, in the southern Mozambican municipality of Matola.

The factory makes iron rods used in the construction industry. It is not clear what caused the explosion, but a report in Friday’s issue of the independent daily “O Pais’ said it came from an area where scrap metal was smelted to make rods.

The explosion caused damage, not only to the factory itself, but to surrounding houses. This raises the question as to why such an industry was allowed to operate in a densely populated residential area.

The representatives of the Chinese factory gave no further information and refused to talk to the press, which obtained its information from health staff, the press and local residents.

“Suddenly, I heard a noise above the house. It sounded like someone had thrown stones and everything went dark’, said one resident. “When I got closer, everything was destroyed. The Chinese, who own the factory, are not giving precise information about the victims, but we have friends and family who work at this company’.

Seven people were slightly injured. One of them, Candida Paulo, said “When there was an explosion, the fire coming from there hit me. I fell and got burns on my back’.

“My son was in the bathroom and he came out to help me’, she added. “He didn’t know what was happening in the factory

Another resident, Claudio Mazivite, said that his house’s windows were smashed by the blast, as well as the roofs and beams.

“The roof and part of the wall fell down. I don’t really know what happened. Suddenly it exploded and I was inside. I didn’t pay attention because I was scared and I ran out. When I came back, I saw that all the windows were broken’, he said.