Mozambique: Signs of Political Intolerance in Manjacaze?

Political intolerance and neglect for the rules of the election campaign were noted Thursday (27 September), the second day of the election campaign, in Mandlakazi. Renamo visited the 25th September neighbourhood to flypost its propaganda material, and to ask for votes door to door. But in the middle of the neighbourhood, it faced Frelimo members who were carrying out their own propaganda.

The two groups confronted each other with offensive songs. The PRM, which was accompanying Frelimo, advised Renamo to go somewhere else, alleging that its presence there was illegal, because Renamo did not formally notify the police that it would be there. For its part, Renamo, after taking advice, withdrew.

Renamo accuses the police of providing the chart of its activities to the Frelimo Party shock groups. In Chókwè, Renamo on Thursday (28 September) denounced the same situation.

In Massinga, in Inhambane province, the MDM also accused the PRM of providing the routes of its motorcades to the Frelimo Party shock groups.

Good behaviour almost everywhere

On the third day of the election campaign, our correspondents report a scenario of calm in nearly all 65 municipalities. There has been no serious violence

In the town of Nhamatanda, the motorcades of Frelimo and Renamo (the latter boosted by the presence of Renamo leader Ossufo Momade) crossed paths on the same street. The Frelimo motorcade stopped its march, and gave way to the Renamo motorcade. Afterwards, Frelimo continued its march, There were no provocations, or signs of any violence. It was an example of what an election campaign should be.