Nairobi mosque holds funeral of a teen shot during anti-tax protest

A Nairobi mosque held the funeral of 19-year-old Ibrahim Kamau on Friday after he was shot during a protest on Tuesday against the government’s since-withdrawn proposed tax bill.

Mourners paid their respects and carried the coffin through Nairobi’s streets after the funeral service.

Protesters stormed parliament on Tuesday and drew police fire in chaos that left several people dead, reportedly as many as 22.

Police in Kenya’s capital hurled tear gas Thursday to break up anti-tax protesters who continued to gather despite President William Ruto’s repudiation of unpopular tax legislation that prompted deadly unrest earlier in the week.

The finance legislation has drawn fierce resistance from a Kenyan public reeling from higher costs of living, especially from younger protesters.

Protesters who continued to gather Thursday said they still don’t trust Ruto despite him sending the finance bill back to parliament with a vow to make budget cuts to replace the proposed new taxes and fees on a range of items and services, from egg imports to bank transfers.

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