Nambooze Admits Missing Museveni’s Letters To The Bazzukulu. Brands Emilian Kayima and Ofwono Opondo as Boring.

Mukono Member of Parliament; Betty Bakirekke Nambooze has admitted missing the letters that the president had started writing to the public that he used to Refer to as the bazukulu(translated as grandchildren).

“now we don’t know the story behind Bobi’s permission to travel and why Zaake has been disallowed to travel… why the Kabaka’s envoy to Boston is being held and detained” she says

She therefore blamed the pewraon that advised the president to stop the practice.

She goes ahead to brand police communication by Spokesperson: Emilian Kayima and and Ofwono Opondo’s communication as boring.

“This Police spokesman Emirian Kayima and Ofwonos are just boring.” She adds

Nambooze goes ahead to predict what would have been in the President’s letter at such a time.

” however much you disagree with someone you don’t invade somebody at work and disrupt him or her” reads a statement that she predicted to have appeared in the President’s letter at such a time.

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