New Video Shows Conor McGregor, Accuser Together At Club Table After Alleged Rape


Conor McGregor, Accuser
Together At Club After Alleged Rape
… New Video Shows

6/17/2023 1:00 AM PT

The woman who accused Conor McGregor of rape was seen on video with the UFC star at a club table just minutes after she says the sexual assault happened.

The footage, obtained by this publication Sports, was shot at around 12:40 a.m. on June 10 inside the Kaseya Center in Miami … roughly half an hour or so after the woman claims he attacked her inside of a bathroom following Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

In the clips, you can see McGregor and the woman appearing to exchange words while holding drinks … before Conor eventually leaves the area.

Entertainment Conor McGregor Accused Of Raping Woman At NBA Finals Game, He Denies Allegations


Conor McGregor Accused Of Raping Woman At NBA Finals Game, He Denies Allegations

According to the woman’s attorney, Ariel Mitchell, the video shows her client and McGregor were “visibly awkwardly interacting with each other” — something she alleges the two were not doing prior to their restroom encounter.

“My client has always stated that there would be video of before and after, and in those videos she emphasized that the difference in the interactions between them would be visibly noticeable,” Mitchell said in a statement to this publication Sports. “This again is another video that supports what my client has been saying and supports what she told the police since the inception of this incident.”

McGregor’s attorney, meanwhile, says the footage shows what he’s been claiming all along … that the allegations are false.

“While the claimant’s story has changed yet again,” Barbara R. Llanes said in a statement, “our account of the evening has never changed. This video only reinforces our position. We look forward to the swift conclusion of the investigation.”

Previous video that we obtained showed McGregor and the woman had been interacting at the club throughout the evening. In one vid, he was seen flexing with her as music blared. In another, the 34-year-old was seen grabbing the woman by her hand and leading her into a bathroom.

The woman has claimed while inside of the restroom … Conor kissed her without her consent, forced her to perform oral sex, and attempted to sodomize her.

McGregor has been adamant that the woman’s claims are “no more than a shakedown.”

As for cops, the Miami PD has been investigating the allegations since Sunday.