New York Jets’ Logo Creator Sues Team, NFL, Wants Payment For Design


New York Jets
Logo Creator Sues Team, NFL
… Pay Me For My Design!!!

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Jim Pons — the man who created one of the New York Jets’ logos — is now suing the team and the NFL … demanding he be paid for their use of his design.

Pons filed the lawsuit, obtained by this publication Sports, in New York on Monday … claiming he made the now-iconic emblem way back in the 1970s, after he had been working for the team as a film and video director.

Pons says in ’78, the Jets were looking for a redesign — and when he submitted his logo that featured a jet plane above the letters “E-T-S” … team officials loved it, and began using it.

NY ended up slapping it on its uniforms until 1997, when it switched things up. But, in 2022, the franchise revealed it was going back to Pons’ design part-time. In early 2024, the org. announced it’d be using the design full-time going forward.

Initially, Pons — a former rock ‘n roll musician — was stoked over it all … even sitting down this past spring with the team for a feature that explained how he came up with the imagery.

In the special, Pons was seen smiling as he reflected on things.

However, in his suit, Pons said he was anything but pleased with the Jets and the NFL — believing he owns the mark which he says he created outside of the scope of his job with the team … so now he thinks they owe him some serious compensation for his work.

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Pons claims the team and the league are making millions off of it … and it’s clear he wants his share.

The 81-year-old is suing for unspecified damages. He’s also asking a judge to order the cancelation of the Jets’ trademark of his logo. In addition, he wants a judge to rule that NY can no longer use his logo on their uniforms and merch … at least not without his consent and compensation.

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