Nick Cannon and Zeus Network Slammed For Dark Skin vs. Light Skin Competition


Nick Cannon, Zeus Network
Blasted For Colorist Competition
… ‘Dark Skin vs. Light Skin’

12/8/2023 9:54 AM PT

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Nick Cannon and Zeus Network are getting put on blast for a competition that pitted “dark skin” and “light skin” women against each other.

Here’s the deal, Zeus and Nick collaborated on a live show Thursday night called “Bad vs. Wild Las Vegas” — pinning “Wild ‘N Out” stars from Nick’s side against “Baddies” from Zeus’ side.

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Promo posts online said it would feature several competitions with different themes — one being a separation by skin tone.

The post was met with a lot of hate because of its colorist implications — Zeus took it down and uploaded an edited version, which read, “Chocolate Goddesses VS Caramel Goddesses.”

Artistes nick cannon zeus network

That didn’t sit well with folks, either … with many pointing out the name change doesn’t alter the intent of the competition.

Zeus’ new post also added, “Remember, we’re here to break down stereotypes, not to uphold them.”

Artistes nick cannon zeus network

Still, folks chimed in on the game … getting comments like “This is still colorist y’all are sad” and “This whole idea should’ve just been scrapped.” One added, “This is just as bad as lightskin vs darkskin….yall didnt do anything but try to put a positive spin on colorism.”

Zeus and Nick also had a “BBWs vs. Slim Girls” competition go down on the same night … which was met with the same disdain.

— Bad VS Wild : Zeus Network (@BadVSWild) December 1, 2023

It will be interesting to see if Zeus airs the controversial competitions at some point.