Nicole Brown Simpson’s Sister Calls Out Chris Rock Over O.J. Joke

Nicole Brown Simpson
Sister Calls Out Chris Rock …
Lame Joke, Do Better

8/31/2022 1:00 AM PT

Chris Rock invoking the late Nicole Brown Simpson didn’t land with the public, and it’s definitely not landing with her family either — ’cause he’s getting dragged by them.

Tanya Brown, Nicole’s sister, tells this publication … CR’s crack wasn’t just unfunny, it literally doesn’t make sense. She says equating getting slapped at the Oscars to a gruesome double homicide is apples to oranges — so, she thinks it’s lacking in logic and a basic connection.

With that said, Tanya tells us his attempt at humor was distasteful to say the least, and offensive to the extended family … especially since she believes it was totally gratuitous.

What TS wants Chris — and anyone else who might want to invoke Nicole’s murder in their bit — to know is this … there are still surviving family members who are still dealing with her loss to this day, and this type of stuff hits close to home and hurts people.



Tanya says she thinks Chris could’ve used any other analogy to make his point … and didn’t have to punch down to something that doesn’t even relate — coming off as tacky as a result. She believes comedians should be held accountable for what they say, including Chris.

Well, one could argue that’s happening right now … CR is certainly being called out by a lot of people online, who also thought the joke was cringe-worthy.

Will Smith Smacks Chris Rock Over Jada Joke at the Oscars


Will Smith Smacks Chris Rock Over Jada Joke at the Oscars

Some are so outraged by him name-dropping Nicole and likening her tragic situation to his … that a select few are even suggesting maybe he deserved getting smacked by Will Smith. Remember, he said him going back to host the Oscars would be like NBS going back to the restaurant she was at before being killed to get her eyeglasses. Indeed … grimace territory.

Tanya isn’t going that far … but she does agree, this was a complete misfire on his end.