Nigeria: Daily Trust Investigation of Illegal Kidney Trade Highlights “Depravity and Criminality”

The following is a statement issued by Muhammad Ali Pate, the Coordinating Minister of Health & Social Welfare, Federal Republic of Nigeria, posted on his official X /Twitter account, @muhammadpate

This investigative reporting by @daily_trust reveals the depth of depravity and criminality prevalent in sections of our society. We Acknowledge and feel the pain experienced by those affected by such ignoble acts of criminality.

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To be clear, there is a sound policy and legal framework that enables regulation of health practice in Nigeria, including medically necessary transplantation.

The NHA (2014) sections 51-56 clearly prohibits the illegality uncovered by the journalists. The central issues are on the enforcement practices and evasion of such legal and regulatory guidelines by unpatriotic criminal elements. This is similar in some ways to many other acts of criminality in society.

To enhance effectiveness of government in regulating practices, in line with the renewed hope agenda, the @Fmohnigeria (Federal Ministry of Health) inaugurated the Tertiary Hospitals Care Standards Committee 4 weeks ago and is making it functional. In the proposed 2024 appropriation directed by @officialABAT (President Tinubu)

we slated significant resources to enhance such regulations and curb the criminality experienced by Nigerians over so many years in the past.

The MDCN (Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria) is also gearing up to enforce standards to be followed by medical professionals in Nigeria. However, regulation of hospitals relies on State Governments, whom we expect will also step up to ensure such facilities in their domains, as found by the journalists, are properly checked. We appreciate journalists conducting their work, unbiased and without sensationalism.

At the end of the day, it is all of us, as Nigerian people that will make this country better. In our Ministry @DrTunjiAlausa and I, along with all our colleagues, are committed to improving our effectiveness and efficiency in the exercise of the mandate granted by Mr President.