NRM MPs Oppose President’s Proposal To Increase Science Teachers’ Pay!

MPs Yesterday stood their decision and rejected the proposal by the President of Uganda(also NRM party Chairperson) H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to increase the salaries of science teachers saying it is against the constitution as a discriminatory act.

This was in a meeting held yesterday in n which the president wanted to do an attempt of securing the promise that he made to teachers about salary increment. The MPs said that increasing only salaries for sciences’ teachers would be against the constitution that forbids discrimination as it would be depicted onto the arts teachers.

Even after using European examples where his proposal is yielding good results and prophesying the collapse of schools if the status quo is maintained, the President was not able to convince the caucus that rather maintained it’s stand.

The President promised the teachers an immediate salary increment for the sciences teachers and that of the arts teachers later on. However this seems not possible any soon as the plans were sabotaged first by the parliamentary education committee and now the last resort, his own members of the party.

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