Older Sibling Struggles No One Talks About

If you have an older sibling, you don’t know how lucky you are. You have someone to give you advice and clothes, someone who’ll always stand up for you when your parents are moving mad. But they struggle with things too. Their lives aren’t as perfect as it seems.

Having all the best things

As the older sibling, they bear the pressure of having all the nicest things. They need to get the coolest clothes and shoes for their younger siblings to steal. Must be rough. 

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Becoming a parent too soon

It all starts with them I spending their childhood babysitting kids. Then by the ripe age of 25, they’re asking their siblings questions like, “Who’s that boy you’re talking to?” or “Is that the shirt you’re wearing to follow me outside?” They’ve been so close to your parents for so long, they start to act like them. What a shame. 

Dealing with unhappy staff siblings

When the younger siblings were born, they thought they could breathe because their parents had given them unpaid house staff. But instead of the younger siblings to be happy to help, all they do is complain. 

Being the favourite child

Not everyone can handle being their parents’ favourite. Which happens naturally to them because they stress them out the least by being perfect. As a reward, they have to willingly listen to all their parents’ stories ten times. 

Watching your siblings grow old

As the older sibling, they get to watch their younger ones grow from screaming diaper-wearing infants to adults who drink their coffee black. They’re the only ones who remember in detail all the versions they’ve outgrown over the years. 

Being poor because they spend all their money on bribes 

They should be rich since they’ve been alive the longest, but alas, that’s not the case. Why? Because their siblings find tiny ways to bill them. They’ve bribed them to get out of trouble more times than any Nigerian politician trying to win an election. 

Having all the best advice

As an older sibling, they have to deal with the constant headache of using their brain too much. They spend all their time acquiring experience with bad friends and horrible partners to advise their siblings in their time of need. It’s a thankless service they take for granted.  

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