Olipop’s New Flavor Is Here (and It’s Ginger Ale)

[AIR HORN BLAST] Attention, elite beverage enthusiasts: We interrupt your Wednesday to announce that the John Gotti (aka “The Don”) of natural prebiotic sodas, Olipop, has officially launched a new flavor. That’s right—the functional beverage company whose root beer is more popular than A&W has finally gifted us with its own version of the oldest and most comforting soda pop on the planet, Ginger Ale. Seriously, what other spicy-sweet beverages do you give to gourmands, people on planes, and sick people that also make an excellent mixer for whiskey? (Hint: not Gatorade). 

Leave it to the creators of Minion-inspired banana cream soda to come up with a not-so-average ginger ale with a blend of sweet lime, tart quince, and real ginger. But that’s not the only way Olipop’s ginger ale differs from the other name brands—it also contains nine grams of prebiotic plant fiber to support digestive health and only five grams of sugar. For perspective, your “traditional ginger ale can contain almost 35 grams of sugar,” according to Olipop

As we’ve previously discussed, we’re huge Olipop fans at VICE, so this is big news. We’re addicted to the Strawberry Vanilla. We’ve witnessed countless hot girls in LA guzzling the Tropical Punch. So our old buddy ginger ale, in Olipop form? Sensational.  

While we’ve yet to get our hands on a can, the brand’s Ginger Ale is officially available to order right this minute. (Oh, and before we forget: While we’re ordering a case, you know we will also be adding in Olipop’s recently re-released, limited-edition Crisp Apple soda, just in time for fall.) 

It’s whiskey-ginger season, people!

Olipop is available on Olipop.com and Amazon

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