Over 400 Ugandans Withheld In Tanzania, Sharing One Toilet!

A total of at least  400 Ugandans are currently being withheld and detained at Kyamyora (kagera region) weighing station in Tanzania over weight overload.

These who were travelling to Kibidula in southern Tanzania for the East and Central Africa pathfinder’s camp meeting have been fined over 100 million Ugandan shillings for overload and won’t be released until cleared .

Tanzania Revenue Authority imposes instant fines on road traffic offenders and use the proceeds to maintain and repair roads without causing bottlenecks in the movement of goods. Apparently non of the withheld knows whether they’ll be set free or sent back home. Trusted sources have also reported that the withheld are currently using the one single office Toilet to accommodate this number.

However, the Ugandan office in charge has picked interest in this issue and it’s working closely with the Ugandan embassy in Tanzania to have this issue settled. It should be noted that Tanzania handles overloading cases administratively with fines being paid instantly at police stations.

Stanley Ssuuna

Ssuuna Stanley is credible researcher and writer with interest in business, photography and nature. He is a journalist,activist,entrepreneur and Social Analyst