Pete Davidson Helps David Blaine Perform Gross Magic Trick


Pete Davidson
Stabs David Blaine with Ice Pick …
Gross, Baffling Magic Trick!!!

6/3/2023 7:11 AM PT


David Blaine got an assist from Pete Davidson for a magic trick Friday night at his Las Vegas show, and this publication has obtained video of the most shocking moment.

Check it out for yourself … David kicked things off at his Resorts World performance by escorting Pete and his friend from the packed crowd to the stage, where 4 cups were lined up across a table … and Pete was asked to choose one of the cups … which contained an object that would be used in the trick.

Pete picked the right cup and David uncovered the scary object — which was a large ice pick. Pete and his buddy confirmed its sharpness by touching the spike, and told David … “Yup, you’re nuts.”

Then, while Pete duct taped David’s eyes closed … Pete’s friend arranged 3 of the cups on the table and placed the needle sticking upward under one of them. The now-blindfolded Blaine then put his hands over 2 of the cups, and crushed them — and while the audience shrieked in horror … David escaped injury.

Of course, the ice pick was in the 3rd cup … otherwise, this would be a much different story.

The danger wasn’t over, though … David asked Pete to stab him with the ice pick, and he did — pushing the needle through David’s arm until it came out the other side. The crowd was grossed out, but also impressed … and, no doubt, confused.

David didn’t seem bothered by the ice pick dangling from his arm– and even brought a boy on stage to have him pull the needle out of his bicep.

Fun times!!