PM Modi invites world to invest in India, offers what innovators and investors need

PM Modi invites world to invest in India, offers what innovators and investors need

PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday invited the world to invest in India while addressing the 5th edition of global tech event VivaTech via video conferencing. In his keynote speech, he said, “India offers what innovators and investors need. I invite the world to invest in India based on the five pillars of: Talent, Market, Capital, Eco-system, And, culture of openness.”

PM talked about how technology and digital have become the emerging areas of cooperation among the wide range of subjects that India and France have been working together for.

He said that it was innovation that came to rescue during the COVID-19 pandemic when many conventional methods were to test. He said, “I believe – Where convention fails, innovation can help. This has been seen during the COVID-19 global pandemic, which is the biggest disruption of our age.” He added, “When I speak about innovation before the pandemic, I refer to the pre-existing advances which helped us during the pandemic. Digital technology helped us cope, connect, comfort and console. Through digital media we could work, talk with our loved ones and help others.”

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PM Modi went on to talk about the world of tech and start-up. He said, “Innovation for the pandemic refers to how humanity rose to the occasion and made the fight against it more effective. In this, the role of our start-up sector, has been paramount.” He added, “India’s strides in the world of tech and start-up are well-known. Our nation is home to one of the world’s largest start-up eco systems. Several unicorns have come up in the recent years.”

While talking about the after effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, PM said, “Over the past year, we have witnessed a lot of disruption in different sectors. Much of it is still there. Yet, disruption does not have to mean despair. Instead, we must keep the focus on the twin foundations of repair and prepare.”

He went on to talk about India has adapted to the situation and implementing huge reforms and said, “we in India implemented huge reforms across sectors, be it mining, space, banking, atomic energy and more. This goes on to show that India as a nation is adaptable  and agile, even in the middle of the pandemic.”