Polo G’s Attorney Slams Police for Releasing Redacted Body Cam Video

Polo G
Attorney Calls Miami PD ‘Childish’
For Releasing ‘Redacted’ Body Cam

7/10/2022 12:50 AM PT

Polo G

Polo G‘s lawyer thinks cops in Miami did the rapper dirty by only releasing parts of his 2021 arrest that make him look like the bad guy … but Miami PD is denying it released the bodycam footage.

Polo’s attorney Bradford Cohen tells this publication this is something he’s never experienced in his decades of work … law enforcement releasing what he calls “heavily redacted” body cam footage, and only “the parts that disparage the defendant.”

Cohen says there are crucial moments in his arrest that were left out of the released video — “They didn’t show him getting slammed to the ground or the reason why was pulled over. Of course, they wouldn’t show that.”

The video does show Polo verbally berating one of the arresting officers, but Cohen says that is “part of being a police officer out in public, people are going to say things you are not going to like.”

He thinks Miami PD was embarrassed because it had no probable cause to stop him or arrest him last June, and the case has been largely dismissed after Polo completed anger management classes.

Here’s the wild card, though — we asked Miami PD why it only released portions of the arrest, and a spokesman told us the department did NOT release the footage … which first popped up Thursday on Twitter.

Cohen’s reaction to that is Miami PD clearly has a leak. He adds, “I have never seen a department react to their malfeasance by disseminating highly edited disparaging video” … and the “childish” act is why “a lot of people are losing faith in policing.”