President Biden Heckled by Pro-Palestine Crowd During Nantucket Getaway


President Biden
Heckled by Pro-Palestine Crowd …
During Nantucket Getaway

11/25/2023 3:15 PM PT

X / @ACKCurrent

If President Biden thought he could escape the Israel-Palestine noise for the holiday weekend, he was wrong — ’cause he was met with furious pro-Palestine protesters in New England, but didn’t pay them any mind.

Joe was out and about with the rest of the First Family in Nantucket, MA Friday … just a day after Thanksgiving, where he and the Biden gang were strolling around out in public — with a crap ton of Secret Service agents all around.

Shouts of “Free Palestine!” from some@in the crowd in Nantucket as @POTUS and @FLOTUS walked out for a shopping trip.

— Jeff Mason (@jeffmason1) November 24, 2023

There were some regular folks who stood by and said hi to POTUS … but just across the street was a different reception to his presence — namely, angry/rambunctious demonstrators.

Check out the video to see what exactly they were shouting from a distance — it was a lot of the same stuff we’ve heard echoed in protests all over the country since this whole conflict kicked off anew … claims of genocide, and calls to “Free Palestine.”

Protestors at a Christmas tree lighting in Nantucket chant and accuse Biden of “genocide.”

— Jeff Mason (@jeffmason1) November 24, 2023

These protests here in Nantucket seem to have dragged on well into the evening too … but like we said, JB straight up ignored them and pretended like he didn’t hear them at all.

Interestingly, Joe’s catching heat from both sides right now — not only are liberals on the left slamming him and his administration for being what they consider too easy on Israel amid their ground operation in Gaza … but conservatives are pissed over the latest hostage news.

You might’ve heard … about 25 hostages were released from Hamas control over the past 48 hours or so, but in that first batch — none of those people were Americans, a handful of which were captured in the initial Oct. 7 terrorist attack.

There are reports of more hostages being released Saturday, but unclear if any of them are American at this point. And if they aren’t, you can expect more outcry against Joe and co.

There’s been a pause in the fighting for now … something a lot of people have been calling for for weeks. The conflict is far from over though — and there’s sure to be more updates.