President Biden’s Star-Studded L.A. Fundraiser Interrupted by Pro-Palestinian Protesters


Joe Biden
Fundraiser Interrupted By Pro-Palestinian Marchers …
‘No Votes For Mass Murderer’

12/9/2023 6:39 AM PT

Joe Biden‘s L.A. fundraiser was interrupted Friday by screaming pro-Palestinian demonstrators as police in riot gear stood guard, trying to keep the peace.

The 46th Prez arrived by motorcade to last night’s political event in Holmby Hills, where dozens of demonstrators had gathered to voice their anger over what they see as the extermination of the Palestinians by Israel.

Scores of Palestinians have been killed since the bloody Israel-Hamas war began in October. At the time, Hamas terrorists invaded the Jewish state and slaughtered 1,400 Israelis, triggering the deadly conflict. Hamas rules over the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

During Friday’s fundraiser, demonstrators threw objects at officers and passing vehicles, while holding up signs that read, “No votes for mass murderer,” a reference to Biden’s 2024 presidential bid. They were also chanting “Free free, Palestine” and “Long Live Palestine.”

LAPD Chief Michel Moore said his officers did not have to use force or make any arrests because the demonstrators eventually dispersed.

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Meanwhile, Biden delivered a short speech at the celebrity-studded event, calling his 2024 Republican rival, Donald Trump, a threat to democracy. He also talked about his first-term economic successes and the federal judges he has confirmed to the courts.

Among the notable attendees were Jill Biden, Steven Spielberg, Gavin Newsom, Karen Bass, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. Rock ‘n’ roll star Lenny Kravitz also showed up to perform for the crowd.