President Museveni Hints On Allowing Public Transport.

While speaking to the media last night, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni hinted on allowing public transport in the phased lifting of the lockdown.

“Lifting the transport ban will depend on how the public is responding to the use of masks” he said.

Museveni further added that the masks are not for design or fashion but a safety measure to protect the public from spreading and contracting COVID-19.

He also revealed that companies like Nytil are working day and night to produce enough face masks to be consumed by the population.

He further warned the public on using non-authorised masks after the market got filled with all types of masks.

The president, on 4th May 2020, kicked off the phased relaxation of the lockdown by adding more categories to the list of essential workers including lawyers, mechanics, hardware shops, carpentry workshops among others further extending the lockdown for two more weeks.