Pro-Palestine Protest Blocks Chicago Airport Entrance, Forces Flyers to Walk


Pro-Palestine Protesters
Force Airport-Goers
To Hoof It By Blocking Entrance

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Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted many Chicago travelers’ plans by blocking the entrance to the O’Hare International Airport … forcing several people to hoof it by foot to the terminal.

Check it out … protesters blocked the I-190 access road to the Chicago-area airport — this as a group sat with their arms interlocked across the highway. Others stood and chanted “Free Palestine” … and there were even drummers out there as the protest raged on.

Chicago Critter

Police were on the scene to contain the protest … but the demonstration still caused gridlock traffic to form outside of O’Hare.

Many travelers chose to abandon their rides to the airport … as several people were spotted dragging their luggage while walking on foot on the grassy median. According to CBS News, the protest lasted less than an hour, with traffic resuming by 9:15 AM.

Artistes protesters shut down golden gate bridge

Per CBS News, police have not confirmed any arrests tied to the protest.

This wasn’t the only protest to take place on Tax Day BTW — demonstrators blocked the Golden Gate Bridge’s southbound lanes outside San Fran, as well as Interstate 880’s northbound lanes in the Bay Area. — all while calling for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war.

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) April 15, 2024

Two additional protests are planned for Monday, according to Bay City News Service.

Stay tuned …

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