Pro-Palestinian Yale Student Scales Menorah and Plants Palestinian Flag


Israel/Hamas War
Pro-Palestinian Yale Student Plants Palestinian Flag on Menorah

12/10/2023 7:00 AM PT

Instagram / @jake_the_lawyer_

A pro-Palestinian student at Yale tried to co-opt the symbol of the current Jewish holiday by planting a Palestinian flag on a menorah.

The student climbed the oversized menorah, the symbol of Hanukkah, as others screamed, “Get the f**k down!,” and “It looks bad for us” … as seen in viral video posted by attorney Jake Dressler.

One student is seen climbing the menorah to 86 the flag. The flag has now been removed.

It’s the latest skirmish on college campuses around the country — especially elite colleges and universities. As you know, the President of the University of Pennsylvania resigned Saturday after a torrent of criticism over her testimony in Congress Monday, where she would not squarely say calling for the genocide of Jews was bullying or harassment.


We had a free speech advocate on “this publication Live” Friday, who agreed with the President of Univ. of Penn., but seemed to have a different opinion if the protesters were members of the KKK with a similar message against Black people.