Queer Jams of the Week: New Music From Halsey, Adam Lambert, Reneé Rapp & More


Plus new tracks from Channel Tres, Princess Nokia, Yaeji, Dreamer Isioma, Ryan Cassata and Allison Ponthier.


Jasmine Safaeian

As we hurdle closer to spring, there’s no better time to start freshening up your playlists with new tracks from your favorite LGBTQ artists. Billboard Pride is proud to present the latest edition of Queer Jams of the Week, our roundup of some of the best new music releases from LGBTQ artists.


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See latest videos, charts and news

From Halsey’s solo rendition of a popular collab to Adam Lambert’s full cover song fantasy, check out just a few of our favorite releases from this week below.

Halsey, “Die 4 Me”

It’s been four years since Halsey made a surprise appearance on Post Malone’s “Die For Me,” delivering a scathing verse on a deep-cut off the superstar’s Hollywood Bleeding album. Today, they’re finally ready to share the full, only-Halsey version of that track, much to her fans’ delight. The new “Die 4 Me” sees Halsey still owning the anger that defined their first pass at the track, now unleashing it with expert precision to make a killer pop song. Her biting verses perfectly fit within this new context, re-establishing a 2019 track as 2023’s newest breakup anthem.

Adam Lambert, High Drama

Time and time again, Adam Lambert has proven himself as a master of the cover song. Whether it was on American Idol or the Kennedy Center, the superstar knows how to take a song and make it entirely his own, which he proves yet again on his new LP, High Drama. Covering everyone from Bonnie Tyler to Billie Eilish, Lambert revels in his glam-rock sensibilities to deliver pure entertainment at every given opportunity on this delectable album of tasty updated classics.

Reneé Rapp, “Bruises”

Following her musical breakthrough with her stellar EP Everything to Everyone, Reneé Rapp is ready for a victory lap. With the release of her deluxe version of the project, Rapp is treating fans to “Bruises,” the emotionally-devastating song that didn’t make it to the original project. With a tender guitar line accompanied by her delicately-placed vocals, “Bruises” sees Rapp trying to open up emotionally, but ultimately shutting down out of her fear to get hurt — a feeling that, even if you’ve never felt it, you’ll be able to relate to the second she starts singing.

Channel Tres, Real Cultural Shit

Hope you’re ready to dance this weekend, because Channel Tres’ stunning new EP Real Cultural Shit is here to turn the heat up at every club night. The long-awaited follow-up to the artist/producer’s self-titled 2018 EP, Real Cultural Shit follows through on the promise of it’s title delving straight into Tres’ own modern take on house music, funk, and disco. Whether he’s slowing it down for some real talk on “Sleep When Dead,” or cranking it up to 11 with dance banger “All My Friends,” Tres is here to show you a good time with this new project.

Princess Nokia, “Complicated”

Since the start of her career, Princess Nokia has never fit into one “sound.” So with her latest songs, she decided to throw the idea of labels out the window entirely. “Complicated,” her latest single, dabbles lightly in some of the R&B stylings she’s touched on before, but focuses itself much more on an early-2000s-rave-meets-modern-hyperpop sound, marking brand new territory for this beloved talent.

Yaeji, “Done (Let’s Get It)”

On it’s face “Done (Let’s Get It)” by rising dance superstar Yaeji is a fun, vibe-fueled song that seems intentionally innocuous on its surface. But take a listen to the lyrics — sung in both English and Korean — and you’ll hear an artist intentionally trying to break the continuing cylce of generational trauma and passed-down habits. Balancing tough themes with her lighthearted musical style has always been one of Yaeji’s strengths, and “Done (Let’s Get It)” is no exception to that rule.

Dreamer Isioma feat. Redveil, “Technicolor Love”

Join Dreamer Isioma, one of the most fascinating voices in the indie songwriting scene, as they take you on a fabulous trip with “Technicolor Love.” This trippy, grooving new single sees Dreamer falling head over heels for a woman, even if that love is toxic. The blissed-out production floods your body with endorphins, which are only further heightened by guest star Redveil and his thrilling rap verse.

Ryan Cassata, “If You Ever Leave Long Island”

After a career of self-publishing heartbreaking indie tracks, Ryan Cassata is ready to make a splash with his new song, “If You Ever Leave Long Island.” The singer-songwriter’s debut single on Kill Rock Stars, “If You Ever” sees Cassata taking a sonic left turn into rocked-out heartbreak. Gone are the folksy, gentle love ballads, now replaced with amped-up guitars, pop-punk drums and an excellently angsty performance from Cassata as he ushers in a brand new era.

Allison Ponthier, “Character Development”

Growing and making changes are obviously important — but not more important than the health and well-being of the women around you. That’s the very topic Allison Ponthier expertly skewers in her new song “Character Development,” a supremely catchy and incredibly scathing indictment of misogynistic writing tropes that tend to see female characters suffer so their male counterparts can grow (a.k.a. the “women in refrigerators” phenomenon). Ponthier uses her musical prowess to take on the part of the oft-hurt female character, this time throwing a middle finger in the face of writers, characters and anyone else that would see her suffer so they can learn a valuable lesson. In short; hell yeah, Allison.

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