Radio 4 Presenter; Haffy Powers Calls Pastor Bugingo An Idiot, Feels Sorry For His Flock!

Ntinda Based Radio 4’s Haffy Powers has come out to name House Of prayer Ministries Senior Pastor; Aloysious Bugingo an ‘idiot’.

On her social media, Haffy powers posted the feeling she got from watching the latest video by Pastor Aloysius Bugingo spitting the secret things he went through before he finally called it quits from his marriage with his wife Teddy after over 20 Years.

In the video Pr.Bugingo explains to his flock (in a church service) how he withstood the wife’s bleeding condition where he spent so much on buying cartons of cotton and treatment.

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According to Haffy, she is so much worried by the women in the church who are also clapping to the comments the pastor is making about his ‘wife’.

“women were screaming and clapping to his Bullshit.” she says

“Kale bambi this Pasita Bujingo kind of a thing is disgusting. Watching his clip made me get goosebumps all over my body. Ekikwasa ennaku his ndigas including women were screaming and clapping to his Bullshit. Which kind of nyokorey is this? Can’t women in power e.g MPs use their power to shut this idiot up. I feel sorry for his children ” she posted.

Below Is A Screenshot of what she posted!