Rapper Babaluku Trashes Allegations That He Is A Witch

Renowned veteran musician Babaluku, who was born Cirus Ssajjabbi Kintu Mukasa has addressed rumors circulating that he practices witchcraft. The rapper recently acknowledged adhering to ancient standards and conventions when speaking to the media.

He then expressed his displeasure with the widespread belief that everyone who follows them is a devil worshiper. He mentioned how he had come to trust in his ancestors’ spirits over the years and acknowledged how they had aided in his achievements and benefits.

Babaluku continued by pleading for people to make contact with their ancestors’ spirits and seek all the blessings necessary to lead prosperous lives free from slavery.

The rapper said that those who are enslaved are not creative, but people who know who they are would always be at ease. He asserted that even if his religious name is Silas, his traditional names, Ssajabbi Kintu Mukasa, closely connect him to his ancestors’ beliefs.

Babaluku also pleaded with parents to stop deceiving their children by denying them the opportunity to believe in their customs, claiming that doing so would only cause them pain.