Rebel Wilson Says Her Agency ‘Liked Me Fat’ Because Roles Paid Well


Rebel Wilson
My Agents Preferred Me ‘Fat’
… Roles Paid Much Better!!!

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Rebel Wilson is once again stirring the pot — this time taking shots at her talent agency, claiming her team preferred her when she was plus size.

The actress gets into the weighty subject in her new memoir, “Rebel Rising” … which has already sparked controversy over claims against Sacha Baron Cohen and Adele. Now, she’s coming for her agents, saying they preferred her when she was heavier … as that meant banking “hundreds of thousands of dollars in commission for each film where [she] played the fat funny girl.”

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According to Rebel, this left her feeling trapped since there was “a multimillion-dollar pigeonhole” over her body size. Remember, she already claimed, while on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, she was contractually obligated not to lose weight while filming the “Pitch Perfect” franchise.

Despite this caveat, Rebel still appreciates her work in the musical-comedy trilogy, which cemented her status as a comedic legend.

Remember, Rebel had her breakthrough role in “Bridesmaids,” but she says she was paid less than $4K for her appearance in the movie. It was actually the “Pitch Perfect” franchise that allowed her to score her first 8-figure deal.

In “Rebel Rising,” she details negotiating the big payout for “Pitch Perfect 3” — where she played acapella singer “Fat Amy.”

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On her decision to write about the massive paycheck in her memoir, the actress told The New York Times … “That’s a big milestone when you’re an actor. To receive an 8-figure offer, for a woman, is huge. Sometimes women don’t like to talk about that. Whereas I don’t think the guys have any issues saying they get $20 million a movie.”

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