Regina King Talks Chauvin Verdict in Opening Oscars Monologue thumbnail

Regina King Talks Chauvin Verdict in Opening Oscars Monologue

Regina King
Opens the Oscars …
Talks Chauvin Verdict Immediately

4/25/2021 5:27 PM PT


Regina King was the first presenter to kick off the 93rd Academy Awards — and she instantly got into the Derek Chauvin trial … with a powerful message to audiences at home.

The actor/director — who’s actually nominated for an Oscar this year with her film ‘One Night in Miami’ — made her way to the stage within Union Station in what looked like the opening of a film … with a ton of “starring” credits being flashed across the screen.

Once she was in front of her audience, Regina didn’t hesitate to talk about the big news of the week — namely, that Chauvin had been found guilty of murdering George Floyd.

She said that the way that verdict went ultimately decided what she was going to be wearing on Sunday … instead of heels, Regina says she might’ve been in marching boots had things gone a different direction. You could hear some in the crowd emphatically agree.


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Regina also addressed viewers who were tuning in — saying she knows folks might wanna change the channel when Hollywood starts to “preach” to them … but she made a point that no amount of money will ever change how she digests these issues, or the fact that they are real in her own life with her own children. In other words, this is personal for her.

It doesn’t look like any other presenters or winners thus far have gotten nearly as political as Regina did — but we’ll be keeping an eye out for other remarks about the climate right now.