Ritualistic gambling during Kumar Purnima, a bane of many families in Berhampur 

When Kumar Purnima is around the corner, people in rural areas across the Ganajm district indulge in gambling. It is no different this year either. 

Gambling has been a part of celebrations for decades. This tradition of playing cards and the game of dice is still extant even though it has shattered many a family, and turned many into migrant labourers. 

“Compared to the number of wins, I ended up as a loser on many occasions. This tradition has destroyed many families and turned many into migrant labourers,” said a Khallikote resident. 

On the pretext of tradition, people are now indulging in gambling, giving rise to a number of crimes. On Wednesday night, when a police team went to Choudhury Tikarpada village to raid a gambling den, the players ganged against the cops and attacked them. They even hurled stones at the policemen and ransacked their vehicle. 

Similarly, people attacked a police party that had gone to raid a gambling den at Palakasandha village under Gangapur police limits.  

These two incidents prompted the police to take action against those involved in gambling. So far, 35 cases have been registered and over Rs 50 lakh cash has been seized. 

Berhampur SP Saravana Vivek M requested people to stay away from gambling. 

“It has become an addiction. People are losing their hard-earned money. Many families are getting ruined. So we are taking action against those involved in gambling and will continue to do so,” said the SP.