Royal fans left baffled as workers sweep sand onto the roads in central London for the coronation 

  • Some have speculated whether is to stop the horses or soldiers from slipping
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By Milo Pope

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Royal fans have been left confused after London’s streets were lined with sand for King Charles’s coronation. 

The yellow material has been spread across The Mall and other roads along the route of the coronation.

There was also some sand spotted along Whitehall in Westminster – and it has royal fans wondering why?

Some have speculated that it has been laid down to help the horses maintain their grip while others have said it is to seal up any manholes on the road to make London’s roads look nicer.

However, the real reason the sand is there is to ensure the King’s carriage is able to move easily, according to royal commentators. And it’s not the first time it has been used. 

Workers cover the road with sand outside of Westminster Abbey

The preparations were made ahead of King Charles III’s coronation

In September last year during the Queen’s funeral many parts of the procession were covered in sand as well. 

Perplexed royal fans took to social media to question the use of the sand. 

One person on Twitter asked: ‘Does anyone know what the small neat brown squares of saw dust/sand are for on the road?’

A third person said: ‘They put sand over grates so the road doesn’t damage the horses hooves and the carriage.’

Another user then replied: They seal any manholes and possibly put sand down so horses don’t slip.’

A fourth added: ‘I thought all the brown bits of mess on the road was from the horses… turns out they’ve filled all the pot holes with sand.’

The Royal Family’s Bentley cars were also cruising along the beach material as they made their way to the 11am service. 

Royal fans were left perplexed by all of the sand

Many people wondered whether the sand was to cover potholes in the road

Others queried whether it was there to give the horses extra grip on the roads 

Royal fans left baffled as workers sweep sand onto the roads in central London for the coronation