RWBY Will RTRN With Some Help From Viz Media

Last month, Rooster Teeth was shut down by Warner Bros. after a pretty long 21-year run. Before and after its end, there were questions about what would happen with Red vs. Blue and RWBY, its two flagship animated shows. The former officially wrapped things up with a feature-length movie back in May, while RWBY was in a weird little bit of limbo after it’d moved over to Crunchyroll with its final season last year.

But the story isn’t over for the anime series quite yet. During this weekend’s Anime Expo, Viz Media revealed it picked up RWBY completely, including an eventual return of the show. Series co-creator Kerry Shawcross stopped short of saying they’d been given the greenlight for a 10th season, but Viz explained that it was “exploring the production of new chapters in the RWBY saga.” Discussions about what happens next with the franchise are currently ongoing, but a piece of concept art from longtime artist Erin Winn indicates Viz wants the show to pick up with the characters going up against longtime series big bad, Salem.

Viz already had a preexisting relationship with RWBY since it was publishing the series’ various manga spinoffs over the years, along with a compendium book. In its blog about the show’s future, Viz hinted it was planning to go all-in with “even more great stories” in the works. It also notably said that Shawcross would still be involved with the show’s “next phase,” while making no mention of any returning staffers like longtime co-writers Miles Luna, Kiersi Burkhart, or Eddy Rivas. Likewise, it was tightlipped on bringing the show back to streaming after it and its soundtracks were pulled earlier in the week. (On the music front, singer Casey Lee Williams assured those soundtracks would return to all the regular platforms “soon.”

There’s plenty of questions surrounding RWBY’s future, only some of which Viz just barely answered. But for now, the show’s got slightly clearer skies ahead than it did with WB, so if you like the show, that’s something to celebrate.

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