Ryan Clark Ripped For Saying Chris Brown’s ‘More Talented’ Than Michael Jackson

Ryan Clark On Chris Brown
CB’s ‘More Talented’ Than Michael Jackson
… Immediately Gets Ripped

6/6/2022 3:30 PM PT

chris brown Ryan Clark mj

If Ryan Clark‘s goal for Monday was to stir things up, mission accomplished … the former NFL star just kicked a hornet’s nest by saying Chris Brown is “more talented” than the legendary Michael Jackson!

Oh, he was immediately ripped for it … the ex-safety received all sorts of mean comments from Twitter users after he tweeted the controversial statement.

“Chris Brown is more talented than Michael Jackson,” Clark said, “there I said it! Have a great week.”

“I do not care!! You out CB and MJ in the talent Olympics Chris Brown wins.”

The responses RC got were hilarious — from GIFs to some fans asking Clark if he was drunk or high … ’cause they couldn’t believe a sober mind could come up with such an analogy.

“Drinking early this morning??” one fan said while another said, “Whatever you’re sippin on, I need it for later 😂 😂”

Another fan thought Ryan needed a Snickers candy bar … saying, “I trust you and highly respect you but maybe you are hangry or something! Stay happy!”

marcus spears clarance hill response

Clark — who currently works for ESPN — even got ripped by his colleagues … Marcus Spears hit him with the classic ‘how?’ GIF. Cowboys writer Clarence Hill Jr. even got in on the fun, responding, “get your boy man”.


Disclaimer: Zero shade goin’ Chris’ way … he’s obviously suuuuuper talented.