Sahiwal in trouble

As a resident of Sahiwal, I am concerned about the unorganised construction of roads and clean water project develop-ment in the city. Those in charge of the projects start construction on one road and then move on to the other without completing the first one. Many roads have been half-built since the last couple of years. We have been facing these issues for over three years now, and it is about time we addressed them.
One of the primary issues that we are facing is the excessive amount of dust in the city. The construction work on roads and clean water project development has caused a significant increase in dust, making it difficult for us to breathe, which is affecting our health and the environment at large.
Besides, the unorganised construction work leads to traffic chaos and has made it challenging to commute within the city. The condition of the roads is deteriorating with every passing day, and this poses a threat to the safety of the locals. It is not uncommon to see accidents due to the poor condition of the roads. The authorities concerned should take immediate action to address these issues, and to ensure that the construction work is completed in an organised and timely manner without causing inconvenience to the people. The authorities should also take due care of the environment. It is their duty.

Editor's Mail