Sakurazaka46 Shares Fierce New Video for ‘Masatsu Keisuu’

The new track features Hikaru Morita and Ten Yamasaki in
center positions.


Billboard Japan/Courtesy Photo

Sakurazaka46 dropped its new music video accompanying “Masatsu Keisuu,” the J-pop girl group’s latest single featuring second-generation members Hikaru Morita and Ten Yamasaki in center positions. The track is off the group’s first album called As you know?, due Aug. 3, and is the first to feature two members simultaneously in the center of the choreography.

The title of the song is Japanese for “friction coefficient,” and the song delivers a strong message about the importance of exchanging opinions with one another. The music video was directed by Kazuma Ikeda, the visual artist responsible for many memorable videos by the collective called “Sakamichi” girl groups, including “Silent Majority” by Keyakizaka46 and “Synchronicity” by Nogizaka46, as well as other top-tier J-pop acts. His previous video for Sakurazaka46 was “Nagaredama.”

The themes of the latest video are “wildness” and “reason,” and the group is split into two factions with Morita and Yamasaki respectively leading each. Enclosed in a mysterious facility and clad in white suits, the two teams express the lyrics of the song through the fiercely intense choreography.

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