‘Selling Sunset’ Star Maya Vander Wishes Season 5 Showed More Real Estate

‘Selling Sunset’
Maya Agrees with Fans on Season 5 …
Show More Homes, Less Drama!!!

4/22/2022 1:20 PM PT

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“Selling Sunset” has some fans begging for more … more luxury homes, that is, and at least one cast member, Maya Vander, agrees — but that’s not the only reason she’s having a hard time watching the new season.

Maya joined us Friday on this publication Live and opened up about the trauma she endured when her baby was stillborn late last year.

She’d been expecting the whole time they shot season 5 — which just dropped on Netflix — so, now watching the show means seeing herself pregnant again.

She told us she hopes sharing the tragic story can help other parents dealing with similar losses.

As for the rest of the show’s storylines … Maya admits, there seems to be less and less real estate in a show that’s all about selling real estate — but, at the same time, she knows “drama sells” on TV.

She says, there’s enough drama within the business already so she doesn’t think there needs to be any more surrounding the cast members. Although Maya’s planning to leave the show, she still loves the biz — she has her own agency in South FL — and hopes they’ll show more homes in upcoming seasons.