Shannon Sharpe: The Lakers have seen enough of Russell Westbrook and will try to move him; it’s over I UNDISPUTED

The Los Angeles Lakers were down by 30 at one point before making the score respectable in the fourth quarter of last night’s 131-116 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks. Russell Westbrook found himself on the bench for the entire period, and he was seen coaching up LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the bench. After the game, Russ said quote: ‘Just giving them some encouragement, just telling them ‘keep playing. Tough night’… And I told them I wished I could help them. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in the game to be able to help them, and that’s why I came here: To help them out. So unfortunately I haven’t been able to do that for them, but that’s not my call.’ Shannon Sharpe reacts to Russ’s actions on the bench.

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