Shocking Details About Chameleone-Sseguya Beef Emerge. Money Issues!

Just at a time when the beef between journalist Josephat Sseguya and Musician Jose Chameleone has taken its cool, new developments have arose revealing the cause of the beef between the two.

In an audio that has been making rounds all over social media, a voice that is alleged to be Sseguya’s is heard revealing of how he(Sseguya) was promoting Chameleone’s Music but he finally gave up for unclear reasons.

He goes ahead to say he never told Chameleone that he had stopped promoting him and it was his swift change in behaviour that got the self-proclaimed music doctor perplexed about Sseguya.

The person in  the audio further brags that he is the best source for Chameleone’s history and that for his and several other reasons, Chameleone must bring the money.He was also heard lamenting about his poverty.

Listen to the audio below

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