Shocking Details On Why Radio Simba’s Kapalaga Left His Radio Job for The US!

After several months without heating the gossip guru Michael Kakande aka Kapalaga Baibe on his famous show; Wolokoso on Radio Simba, our snoops have found out shocking details about his departure.

News from credible sources reveals that when Kapalaga Baibe went to the United States for the UNAA convention, he had chance to meet potential donors for his charity project for heart disease patients. It is for this reason that Kapalaga chose to stay in the US and even give up on his famous job at Radio Simba.

Kapalaga is these days being seen live streaming from the US talking about his foundation. It is not yet clear whether the presenter still has his job, however  we can confirm that he has a very fitting substitute; a one Kakalamu.


Kapalaga has since shifted gears to supporting former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi and executing National Unity Platform(NUP) duties in the diaspora.