Skull Island’s New Trailer Welcomes You Back to Kong’s Domain

Key art for Netflix's Kong: Skull Island.

Image: Powerhouse Animation/Netflix

Netflix has been stocking up on animated shows based on popular franchises over the last few years. Though most of them hail from video games, the steamer’s next series, Skull Island, is based on Legendary’s MonsterVerse movies, and continues the story of everyone’s favorite giant ape, King Kong.

Seemingly set sometime after the events of Kong’s 2017 movie, the show follows brothers Charlie (Nicolas Cantu) and Mike (Darren Barnet), who’ve just woken up on the island after being shipwrecked. Before either of them can become monster food, they’re saved by Annie (Mae Whitman), who’s been on the island just long enough to make a giant dog-like monster her BFF. Together, the kids have to reunite with the other survivors of Charlie and Mike’s ship, which also happens to include its captain and their father (Benjamin Bratt).

Skull Island | Official Trailer | Netflix

Where Skull’s first trailer from last month was all about setting a tone, this new one shows some more monsters the survivors will have to fight if they want to get off the island alive, of which there are many. (At least one of them will be another Skincrawler, which Kong had to fight in the Skull Island movie.) Kong himself makes a handful of appearances throughout, and it looks like he’ll be doing what he does best: saving humans and power bombing monsters with his fists or their own teeth. It all looks like a fun enough time, and should be a good way to tide folks over until he eventually returns in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire sometime next year.

All episodes of Skull Island will premiere Thursday, June 22 on Netflix.

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