Sneak Peek: Victoria’s ‘Fine As Hell’ Boyfriend Might Be A Catfish

Anthony is everything Victoria could “ever want in a guy.” But there’s one possible issue standing in this love hopeful’s way: Anthony might be a catfish.

Nev and Kamie, who will return with brand-new Catfish episodes beginning May 31, learn more about the couple’s history in the sneak peek clip below.

“He was my first online friend and boyfriend — he’s seen me grow up and has helped me through all of my firsts,” Nev reads from an email from Victoria.

Even though the two have known each other for eight years — they met when she was 16 and he was 21 — and she describes him as “fine as hell,” they have never had a phone conversation. Or FaceTimed.

Even more worrisome: how Anthony reacted when Victoria broached this subject with him recently. Find out exactly how he behaved in the clip above — and do not miss Catfish, premiering on May 31 at 8/7c!