‘SNL’ Sees Mike Tyson Take Over as Oscars Security, George Santos as Tom Cruise


Oscars Head of Security Mike Tyson
… George Santos Impersonates Tom Cruise!!!

3/12/2023 7:11 AM PT

“SNL” eviscerated the Oscars Saturday night …. with a fantasy awards show that is absolutely hilarious!!!

Entertainment tyson snl 2

The enforcer against a Will Smith redo is none other than Mike Tyson, played spectacularly by Kenan Thompson, who said, “I should warn you, the following things will set me off: clapping, statutes of gold people, shows that last more than three hours, and also hearing the phrase ‘the magic of movies.’”

Entertainment snl tyson

Jamie Lee Curtis, who wore a dress right off the Costco rack, is equally funny.

But the best … Tom Cruise showed up at the Oscars.  Well, it’s actually Rep. George Santos, who slyly passed himself off as “Tom Q Cruise.”

Very funny.