South Africa: Gold One Mine Speeds Up Disciplinary Action Against Workers

Cape Town — Gold One has elected to speed up disciplinary action against 34 miners suspected to be responsible for an alleged hostage situation, The Sowetan reports.

This comes after the mining company suspended alleged instigators based on charges which Gold One detailed as “participating in the sit-in underground which turned into a hostage situation, as well as picketing on surface, which was against a company instruction for all employees not to come to work during those days, as well as a violation of two court orders preventing any strike action”.

Head of legal for Gold One, Ziyaad Hassam, said that all hearings would be conducted individually and would be overseen by external chairpersons. The miners against whom the charges have been levelled face potential dismissal. While none have been accused of criminal action, Gold One stated that it would continue its internal investigation and said the number of those charged may rise.

Over 550 miners were held underground during a “voluntary” sit-in protest against Gold One’s refusal to recognise the Association of Mineworkers’ and Construction Union.