‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ Winner Finally Getting Her Millions


… Well, Soon!!!

12/15/2023 1:00 AM PT

The winner of “Squid Game: The Challenge” is inching closer to finally seeing her $4.56M payday, but by the terms of her contract … this publication has learned she’s still gotta play the waiting game.

Sources tell this publication … show champ Mai Whelan — who recently said her winnings from the Netflix series have yet to hit her bank account — signed a contract alongside all other contestants that stated the jackpot would be disbursed 30 days after the finale aired.

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The finale aired December 6, so 30 days later would be Friday, January 5, 2024 — so Mai won’t get those millions until next year.

Basically, Mai knew all along she’d have to wait a while for the big bucks to roll in … ’cause the contract she signed informed her about the payment plan.

When she revealed last week she still hadn’t seen a dime … everyone took it as her complaining — but with the full context of her contract, it’s more likely she was reminding producers the clock’s ticking!

We’re also told it’s unclear if she’ll receive the money as a lump sum or in increments.

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Despite not receiving the dough, Mai — who escaped Vietnam as a young girl during the communist regime — has already splurged on some luxe items such as Jimmy Choo shoes and a Ralph Lauren dress.

Although, when the check does come through, Mai says she’ll be spending it more responsibly … on a retirement home, and donating to charity.