Target Roasted for Black Friday Signage Covering Exact Same Prices


Roasted for Black Friday Signage …
What Kinda Deal is This?!?

11/25/2023 4:56 PM PT

TikTokers are hitting Target to prove the big box store’s Black Friday deals may not be what they seem — showing off some sticker prices as being equal … regardless of the day.

There’s a viral trend on the app right now — namely, Gen Z’ers going to their local bullseye center and wading through the Black Friday sales that were going on yesterday. Based on what they’re capturing though … they seem to be suggesting clever marketing is afoot.

Check out the video and you’ll see what we mean … in at least three instances, people are removing the “Black Friday Deals” signage — which features one price — and revealing the price tag that’s covered up in the background. In the examples seen here, they’re the same.

One girl hit a pallet with TVs, and the Black Friday mark-down has it pegged at $429. But when she removes the holiday price card, the regular card behind it has a matching number. In other words, she’s suggesting there is no real deal at play here … just new cardstock.

Another dude does something similar, but over in the clothes section … where he peels back a sticker price for a pair of pants — which then shows it’s been upped in price from $25 to $30 … so, the guy’s implying Target’s price-gouged to make it seem like folks are saving.

While most people are wise to this sorta thing — companies tweaking prices and signage to capitalize on a holiday — these young’ns apparently think they’ve uncovered Watergate! 😅

We’ve reached out to Target for comment on this — but there isn’t much to say besides … welcome to capitalism, everyone. Now then, go buy more new stuff and be happy, dammit!