Taylor Swift Kisses Travis Kelce After Super Bowl LVIII Win


Taylor Swift
Kisses Travis Kelce After SB LVIII Win …
Fairy Tale Ending in Vegas!!!

2/11/2024 8:01 PM PT

8:13 PM PT — There it is, the kiss seen ’round the world. Taylor Swift just planted one on Travis Kelce and it was a smooch for the ages, ’cause she and TK were wrapped up in each other for a while.

Taylor and Travis locked lips for quite a while and she hugged him a ton too as she congratulated him on the big win. It was a little hard to read their lips — but the emotions were unmistakable … Taylor and Travis are so, so happy, and very clearly in love.

Talk about a fairytale ending, huh?

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Taylor Swift was over the moon when Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl in dramatic fashion — and you can tell by how freaking happy she looked.

The pop star was seen cheering and screaming as the final touchdown pass was thrown by Patrick Mahomes Sunday night in overtime — this in what turned out to be an absolute thriller of a game that came down to the wire.

PM threw it to WR Mecole Hardman and the game was over. The camera quickly cut to Taylor, but her back was turned as she an her group in the suite were all over each other.

However, the broadcast later showed other footage the moment Taylor saw the touchdown pass go down … and you could see her raw reaction — she was ecstatic and then some.

Travis himself was stoked on the field … going around and hugging his teammates in what looked to be a very emotional moment. She isn’t on the field just yet, it seems, but ya gotta imagine she’s making her way down there right now to give her man some sugar for the W.

Like we said … it turned out to be a very dramatic game — with ups and downs all throughout for both teams — and the celebration down below is sure to be more eventful.

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Originally Published — 8:01 PM PT