My Team And I Are Very Disappointed – Tarrus Riley releases Shocking Facts About His Cancelled Concert.

Following the wildfire-like spreading rumor about the cancellation of Tarrus Riley’s concert slated for December. The music reggea meastro has come out to give his side of the story.

Tarrus blames the sponsors of his event for being un-serious even when he carved playing in Kampala. “I have waited my entire career and it was like a dream come true to play in Kampala, Uganda. ” He says. Tarrus further adds that it was for this reason that he band has preserved the concert date for over three months.

According to Tarrus, he just recieved a message from the sponsors informing him that the concert had been cancelled!

“Unfortunately, due to events beyond my control, our exclusive sponsor for the event, notified me only last week that they would not be fulfilling their contractual obligations…Due to this situation I am asking that we reschedule for a time when I am able to generate capital and secure a diversified sponsor base to make the concert happen” thats the mesage he recieved.

“My team and I are VERY disappointed but this is no fault of mine. ” he claims.

He said all this after a host of Ugandan’s started attacking him on his social media on hearing the rumor.

Recently Sources revealed that the event had not been effectively publicized thus leading to it’s cancellation.