Tension At The Podium As Brian White Tightens Rules. Several Members Likely To Drop Off!

The tension at the podium(Brian White Foundation) is intense as several members are likely to drop off.

This follows the tight rules that have allegedly been set up by the boss Brian White himself.

Inside sources at the podium reveal to EJazz media that Brian White came out and instructed all performing artists at the podium to withdraw  their businesses from their managers and bring them to the podium.

The source also reveals that Brian White wants the artistes to set a standard price of not less than Five Million Uganda Shillings for anyone to book any of them. Brian White apparently realised that e was not earning from any of these artistes yet they are earning big from him.

This has put several artists at the podium on the spot and in a dilemma on what decision to make between obeying the new rules and quiting.

Musician Jose Chameleone who acts as the chief adviser at the podium tried to talk to Brian White telling him to have secondary thoughts about his decision however he was not yet convinced by the time of this story.

Artistes at the podium include musicians; Weasel, Pallaso, Big Eye, King Michael, Lady Mariam, Comedians; Mendo aka Sevo, Alex Muhangi, Madrat and Chiko among others.

Several speculations have been made about this story with some branding it a stunt and others agreeing with it.

Our snoops are on the look out to bring all the developing stories concerning this.

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