That 1 Cent iPhones Deal Is Too Good to be True

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This week, we took at Amazon’s 1 cent iPhone 15 deal floating around online and broke down how much it’ll cost you. Spoilers: It’s more than a penny. Samsung announced its upcoming line of new OLED and QLED TVs, and we got a chance to check them in person. This, and more of the top product stories of the week.

An iPhone 15 Pro next to an iPhone 15 Pro Max showing their camera arrays against a pink background.

No matter what, you’d still pay more for an iPhone 15 Pro, even with silly deals promoting ‘free’ iPhones.
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We may be months out from the iPhone 16, but that hasn’t stopped the iPhone 15 gravy train from making a sloppy stop into the early spring “hot Amazon deal” circuit. A new deal on Amazon’s Big Spring Sale Event seems to imply you can nab an iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max for as much as your grandpappy claims he used to buy a pack of gum. We’re here again to remind you not to fall for any too-good-to-be-true iPhone deals, especially since this latest is just a rewrapped existing deal from Boost Mobile. – Kyle Barr Read More

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We’re at the stage in the evolution of the TV where it’s pretty difficult to buy a bad one, but at the same time, it can be tricky to pick out the perfect model from the many options available. Every year, a swathe of new sets come out, which means the current bunch gets knocked down in price, giving you an even larger selection to consider. – David Nield Read More

An Alienware m16 R2 laptop on a table surrounded by bookshelves and the screen shows several kinds of streaming services.

If you’re going for game streaming, you’ll need to choose between a service that offers some games natively and others that let you play your own library with a better rig.
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We’re in the true heyday of accessible gaming. You can game on anything from your handheld console, like the Steam Deck, to your phone, like the Pixel 8 Pro or the iPhone 15 Pro, with the extra benefit of a mobile controller like the Backbone One. But let’s ignore hardware for the most part because, thanks to the multitude of cloud gaming services available, you won’t have to worry about SSD space or even the specs of your machine save for its WiFi capabilities. – Kyle Barr Read More

A Samsung S95D OLED TV on top of a TV stand surrounded by pictures on the wall and a PS5

As usual, Samsung’s S95D OLED screen is a looker, but ignoring all the supposed AI enhancements, the Game Bar 4.0 makes fine-tuning your screen extra easy for gaming.
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The big TV releases for 2024 are finally coming down the pike, and if it wasn’t already clear, this year’s theme is split between AI and displaying the most film-accurate picture for your home display. Samsung’s latest QLED and OLED TVs all emphasize their AI scaling tech, but no matter how much you try to make 4K content look even higher-res, it still comes down to HDR capabilities and each screen’s color quality. – Kyle Barr Read More

a photo of the ipad air 2022

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Just as screenshotting on an iPad works, restarting an iPad works differently on devices with and without a home button.

For some context, your iPad will have a home button if it’s an iPad Pro from 2017 or earlier or an iPad Air, iPad Mini, or a standard iPad from 2019 or earlier. Suppose you’re unsure about which button is which; this Apple Support guide can help. – Dua Rashid Read More

Samsung's Music Frame showing a couple on their wedding day on a cabinet stand

The max photo size of the first-gen Music Frame is limited to 8 by 8.
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It’s a picture frame! It’s a speaker! No, it’s… a speaker frame. Since Samsung first showed off its new Music Frame at CES, we’ve been jonesing to spend time in front of it to see whether it will knock our socks off or offer a gentle kiss of sound on the cheek. After checking out Samsung’s latest TVs, we were granted a short audience in front of two of these square 13-inch frames sporting surprisingly strong speaker systems in the back. While we were certainly impressed by its sound volume and quality, it’s clear that the $399 Music Frame is just the first iteration of what will hopefully become a more fleshed-out product, given time. – Kyle Barr Read More

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If you want your iPad to go back to looking the way it did when you first got it, you can reset its settings to default without losing your data.

Like restarting an iPad, resetting also helps when you run into issues. However, if it doesn’t fix the problem and you want your original settings back, you can always restore your previous settings from a backup. This is why it’s a good idea to back up your iPad before you reset it. – Dua Rashid Read More