The Best Toiletry Bags and Dopp Kits for Men

[Puts down copy of Blood Meridian] Hey there, partner. Since maps have existed, a big part of being a guy has involved finding emptiness in where you live and deciding to visit somewhere else, hoping it’ll warm your spirit (some call this “traveling”). From bros cracking cold ones on the Oregon Trail to Matthew McConaughey straight up launching himself into a black hole in Interstellar, journeying to new places has always been part of the fabric of dudeliness. And while man has always sought adventure on the road, traveling in the 21st century is definitely its own beast. 

When I travel, I make sure to plot out all the restaurants I want to try (i.e., where Guy Fieri and Anthony Bourdain ate); I also see if the city’s baseball team has a game while I’m there, or whether there’s any good hiking or scenery. Art museums also often make the cut. Oh, and I’ll often try to see a friend or two, if I can fit them in.

Venturing out into the wild yonder is important, but it’ll be a bust if you don’t remember to bring the gear you need to keep yourself going. I’m not talking about whiskey—just get a flask for that. When it comes to your tiny bottles of shampoo and body wash, anti-depressants, blood pressure meds, razors, CBD tincture, and toothbrush, you need a nice way to organize it all, aka a toiletry bag or dopp kit.

Storing your stuff in a plastic bag, or just dumping it in a compartment of your weekender? Not cool, my man, both in terms of potential spillage and the possibility that anybody—like a special someone who might be using your washroom—could see it and get the (obviously wrong) impression that you’re a messy man. The best toiletry bags will be durable and easy to clean, have space for all of your wares, and will keep things compact and organized. Whether you’re going with a rugged waxed cotton dopp kit from Filson or a chill polyester kit from Carhartt, we can pretty much guarantee it’ll come in handy sooner or later. Plus, having a dopp kit that makes you feel cool just elevates the vibe everytime you unpack your gear somewhere new. Here are some of our faves.


You already know Carhartt’s travel kit is going to be incredibly durable. This polyester bag featuring the brand’s Rain Defender water-repellant base doesn’t disappoint. We can’t officially recommend doing this, but you could probably hurl it into oncoming traffic and it’d be fine (or at least your condoms might be).


Filson’s Tin Cloth line is pure rustic beauty, and its travel kit’s waxed cotton canvas and leather zipper pull make it one of the best-looking options out there. You’ll need to take care of this one a little more than others—rewax it occasionally to keep up its water resistance—but the payoff is that you’ll feel like a goddamn cowboy every time you floss, so that’s cool.


Tin Cloth Travel Kit

$75 at Filson


We like everything that modern lifestyle brand Herschel Supply Co. does (big fan of its classic backpack right here), and this toiletry kit embodies its understated hipster-chic vibe perfectly. This one will say to people, “I’m a timeless dude, but ever in fashion.” Plus, its waterproof main compartment and leather zipper trim make it an elevated choice among other no-frills, mesh-lined bags.

Herschel Supply Co.

Chapter Toiletry Kit

$38$25.36 at Amazon


This utilitarian bag from Lululemon has the brand’s signature minimalist vibe, but could still easily be picked out of a lineup (because it just looks really fly, IMO). We like that this one can sit flat while open, and also that it has a couple large zippered pouches, meaning it’s easy to stay super organized. 


Command the Day Dopp Kit

$48 at Lululemon

Topo Designs

Topo Designs is ~*built different*~. Literally, this dopp kit is a triangle that sits upright. It’s on the smaller side of things, but its water-resistant cloth and nylon makeup will keep things clean and Topo Designs’ vibrant colorways mean you’ll be pretty stylish as well.

L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean’s quilted toiletry kit wants to go hunting with you (or at least to a cabin in the woods). It’s made of durable nylon and mesh, meaning it’s lightweight and flexible, but also sturdy enough to carry your electric toothbrush and your beard trimmer.

L.L. Bean

Bounded Quilted Toiletry Kit

$49.95 at L.L. Bean


This neutral grain leather travel kit from iconic Detroit leather and lifestyle goods brand Shinola comes with a powerful water-resistant lining, meaning that even if something goes wrong, it’ll be easy to clean and your leather will remain in good shape. It has two interior pockets as well as a card pocket, so you’ll be able to keep things compartmentalized.

Remember: If you’re getting on a plane, make sure your dopp kit (aka Xanax) isn’t in a checked bag or you’ll be SOL if they pause Scotch service during turbulence.

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