The BTS Version of ‘Do You Know Me?’ Game Is Heading to North America

A new BTS-themed card game made by an ARMY member for ARMY is coming to North America.

Brooke Mahan, the creator of “Do You Know Me?,” recently produced an extension of her popular get-to-kn0w-you game, filled to the brim with questions about BTS for their fans. The 400 prompts include questions like, “Does [insert game player’s name] own a life size photo of a BTS member?” and “Has [insert game player’s name] ever had a dream about a BTS member?”

The game has become a massive hit throughout Asia — selling out twice in Japan — and is now available to pre-order for North America-based fans here.



See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

“I love BTS,” Mahan told Billboard of the game, adding that she saw them for the first time in person at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. “So, I thought it would be really cool and a natural extension of the core game to do all questions about them. We wanted to make [the game] something that BTS would love and the fans would love. They have such a close relationship to their fans.”

She continued, “I love people, I love connecting people, I love learning about people and I was able to do that in more of a significant way than I ever expected with ‘Do You Know Me?,’ and being able to have this expansion with BTS gives me chills.”


The superstar septet also had some fun playing the original version of the game in a video shared with Billboard, where the boys are seen being their characteristically goofy selves as they get playfully competitive. “It was so funny,” Mahan shared. “Watching the guys actually play the game, it sounds so corny but that was one of the most ‘is this really happening?’ moments of my life. I was watching them and it felt like what it must have been like watching The Beatles early on. They were just so cute, joking around and cracking up.”

While the game itself is sure to provide endless fun on its own, the BTS version of “Do You Know Me?” also comes with a series of collectible, special picture cards that have various levels of rarity. In 50% of the games, fans can find a yellow version of the collectible cards and in 34% of the games, there is a gold version of the cards. On the more rare tier, 15% of games will include a diamond version and only 1% will include a platinum version. Of those platinum cards, only 20% of them are embossed.

“[The cards] are so fun. That was the one thing that we were excited to see the reaction,” Mahan said, noting that as a child, she collected New Kids on the Block cards. “To have that collectability aspect, it was like all my childhood dreams come true.”

Buy the original version of “Do You Know Me?” here, and pre-order the BTS version here. Shipping is expected in November or December, just in time for the holidays.