The Flopped Uganda Entertainment Awards, Soda Party.

The Uganda Entertainment Awards edition of 2017 dubbed “Dance to the beat” emerged as the most hyped though disorganized entertainment awards in this year.

After a successful hype all over media stations about the event by the CEO; Kabs Haloha the fans and artistes were so disappointed to find the exact opposite of what they expected.

Stage, Sound and Lights.

First of all the sound at the event was more less than than of a typical graduation ceremony deep down in Sheema.  Silk events allegedly pulled out hours to the event over arrears.  The stage was as big and plain as a fading football pitch with only a DJ table where the boring Dj was based. The lights on the stage were so disorganised that instead of lighting the stage they were doomed to the audience. The speakers were placed too close to the audience, a trick that was letter found out as method of filling up space that would have been occupied by more tables.

Time Management

By 8pm, the event that was meant to start at 6:30 had no sign of commencing any soon. It was only the boring music hissing in the prestigious Victoria Hall. This is one of the reasons as to why some performances were skipped. Among others was the alleged breaching of payment contracts with the artists by the organisers. Poor time management also chewed up the time for the red carpet which a bigger proportion of the masses was craving.

Single Accolade For All

By the time of the event, there was only one accolade. This would be given to all the winners, who were instructed to pass backstage and return in as they get off stage so as to give it to the next winner! The winners received their accolades on two days after the event.


While moving around the media stations, Kabs made an anthem out of the food issue saying, “Like no other event in Uganda, we shall have food at UEA” and well the food was their. Everyone was entitled to atleast a bottle of soda on entrance. The amount of soda almost turned the event into a soda promotion as revelers drunk to an extent filling Serena tables with half filled glasses of soda!

So Ashaming

Worst of all, all this happened with the U.S. Ambassador Deborah R. Malac as an eye witness, what an embarrassment!!

However on a lighter note, the organisers braved the shame and pushed till the end of the event. The turn up also wasn’t that bad at the end of the event.

The mere fact that it also took place from the prestigious Awards’ grounds is also enough for the organisers to brag!





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