The Looney Tunes Celebrate Halloween in Bugs Bunny Builders

bugs bunny, daffy, petunia, sylvester, tweety, lola bunny and porky pig

Screenshot: Cartoonito

WB Animation is getting into the spirit of spooky season in a big way. Recently they released a Looney Tunes Cartoons Halloween special Bugs Bunny’s Howl-O-Skreem Spooktacular to kick off the season and now they’ve released another festive segment for Bugs Bunny Builders.

Bugs Bunny Builders aims to bring the Tunes to a younger kids without alienating an older one. These tunes while still keep true to the spirit of the original characters. Eric Bauza leads as the voices of Bugs Bunny, Daffy, and Tweety along with Chandni Parekh as Lola Bunny. Porky Pig (Bob Bergen), Petunia Pig (Alejandra Cazares), Sylvester (Jeff Bergman) and Wile E. Coyote (Keith Ferguson) fill out the gang of builders who create bite-sized innovations to their communities. Here the builders band together to transform their garage into the best place for a trick or treater to stop by.

Watch the “Haunted Garage!” segment below, which features Daffy Duck as Batman (or “Batduck”) and Bugs Bunny serving an amazing look as a witch. It’s also available on the Cartoonito YouTube channel.

In the short we get to meet more of the tunes in Looneyberg as they visit including Pauleen Penguin (Candi Milo) and Gossamer. “Warner Brothers have been really, great with us, kind of letting us use the whole library. There have to be these characters that live there and that hire them. It is more about building things, but we are building a world in Looneyberg.” showrunner Abe Audish shared with io9 at San Diego Comic Con 2022.

Bugs Bunny Builders is available to watch on Cartoonito and HBO Max.

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